Need Electricity for your Refrigerator, Lighting and other devices during a blackout?

Here is a timely tip for patriots. 

Requirements: A Car with it’s Own Driveway.

Ever wish you had a generator, during an extended power loss? You probably said yes, but they are big, expensive and noisy. And you’d be right. Have you thought of the Alternative, an INVERTER? they’ve been around since the 60’s. I had one during a passing hurricane while living on Long Island. It was only 500 watts. Back then, enough to run only a couple lights, a TV or radio and my sisters fish tank - not much more.

An Inverter is simply a device that changes DC to AC. For instance your 12V car battery (with the help of a transformer) to 115 AC. Todays practical limit for an inverter’s home use is about 3000 watts and at the fraction the cost and size of a generator. ($300-$400) It has limitations. You’ll have to do with out Air Conditioning, stove (unless gas) and Dryer - all 220V appliances, and you will have to run extension chords to the lights and appliances you want to use, like you refrigerator (750 watts +/-). Oh you can also use it on the job for your power tools - great for camping too.  (Ford’s new truck has one built in.)

You have to live only by three rules; 

1) You cant exceed the wattage limit, 

2) you have keep your car running as to not kill your car battery and 

3) dont leave your car running in your garage.

It is so simple to hook up. Using jumper cables connect the inverter to your car battery making sure polarity is correct. Plug in extension chords to the Inverter and run to appliances needed. (Remember, lamps using LED bulbs draw a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs).

Tech Note: American AC is 60 hertz (cycles). Sometimes that is critical with motors and electronic gear. To avoid any problems, buy a modes that states it is  “Pure Sine Wave” power as is the one below.