Dr. Simone Gold was working as a board certified physician of emergency medicine in the Hunan Virus ward. She and her colleagues realized that treating the Virus with a formula of hydroxychloroquine and zinc picolinate and vitamine D was all that was needed and this treatment was supported by clinics globally.

You may remember seeing her standing on the Capital Steps last summer with other doctors delivering that message to allay fears and that COVID could be treated simply and cheaply. More and more doctors came aboard. 

She along with her piers became somewhat controversial to say the least so they formed Americas Frontline Doctors.com.  Their credible videos were posted on YouTube eventually being redacted. Imagine that, Google and YouTube removed all positive videos referencing hydroxychloroquine.

Jumping ahead to early in 2021 she held an extremely well prepared conference on the validity and legitimacy of the recently released vaccine. The bottom line is: stick with treatment for now, not the mRNA Vaccine. Here is how she breaks down the vaccine use by age. 

  0 - 20  Absolutely Prohibited

20 - 50 Strongly Discouraged

50 - 70 healthy - Strongly Discouraged

    Comorbid - Discouraged

80 - 70 healthy - Discouraged

Comorbid - Personal Risk Assessment

All is explained in detail in Video

Lastly she emphasizes throughout  “you must to remember that the Vaccine is EXPERIMENTAL” and works in a way no other medicine does by altering DNA's messenger gene, RNA. And  Big Pharma has been indemnified from law suits by the US government. Some one dies from the vaccine - tough luck.