A Major Player in the Fraud of the 2020 Election and Predicted Earlier.

This is a reminder of Dr. Robert Epstein's testimony and warnings about Google to a house subcommittee headed by Ted Cruz in July of 2019. It was over looked then, as was every other corruption of the Democrats during Trumps administration.

Then came the 2020 election. Look at Epstein's 2019 testimony in the below video, you can see how on target he was, 16 months prior to the election. One can only conclude the President Trump was robbed of his true voter count from the Google perspective alone which was over looked in the myriad of the other issues of manipulation especially by a handful of states.


About Epstein

Robert Epstein (born June 19, 1953) is an American psychologist, professor, author, and journalist. He earned his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard University in 1981, was editor in chief of Psychology Today, a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego, and the founder and director emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Concord, MA. He defines himself as 'left of center' and voted for Hillary Clinton.

Epstein has offered multiple criticisms of Google's practices. In 2013, he wrote in Time magazine that Google had "a fundamentally deceptive business model". In 2015, he said that Google could rig the 2016 US presidential election and that search engine manipulation was "a serious threat to the democratic system of government". According to Epstein, "Perhaps the most effective way to wield political influence in today's high-tech world is to donate money to a candidate and then to use technology to make sure he or she wins. The technology guarantees the win, and the donation guarantees allegiance, which Google has certainly tapped in those years with the Obama administration." 

In a 2017 article, Epstein criticized efforts by companies such as Google and Facebook to suppress fake news through algorithms, noting "the dangers in allowing big technology companies to decide which news stories are legitimate". 


Other journalists and researchers have expressed concerns similar to Epstein's. Safiya Noble cited Epstein's research about search engine bias in her 2018 book Algorithms of Oppression, although she has expressed doubt that search engines ought to counter-balance the content of large, well-resourced and highly trained newsrooms with what she called "disinformation sites" and "propaganda outlets".  

In July 2019, Epstein presented his research to the Senate Judiciary Committee, claiming that Google could manipulate "upwards of 15 million votes" in 2020 and recommending that Google's search index be made public. In a clarification to a question asked by Ted Cruz he also said that "2.6 million is a rock bottom minimum" for how many votes Google might have swung towards Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential election, and that "the range is between 2.6 million and up to 10.4 million votes". Google dismissed Epstein's research as "nothing more than a poorly constructed conspiracy theory".  


Epstein's white paper was not peer-reviewed and was challenged by other researchers. Among the criticisms was that a small sample size was used to extrapolate conclusions about a population of millions and the lack of disclosure of the underlying methodology. 


Today, early March 2021 after viewing Epstein's 2019 testimony in the below video, again, one can only conclude the President Trump was robbed of his true voter count. Add to that the other articles we have included atop page one of this website and one can easy see how corrupt our Government really is, and supported by the early executive orders of Mr. Biden and Congressional legislation.