What’s In A Word

by Robert Kappelmann

Spoken and written languages consist of words that have similar meaning among the general population.  Local accents and regional idioms aside, most inhabitants of our country can write and speak in “American English” and comprehend the essence of the conversation.  The English language is a more recent addition to the human linguistic system.  Many English words are derived from older languages, and those words share a common word root and similar meaning.  The origin and root of each word, therefore, establishes the meaning of the words and expressions we use in every day communication.  


While words can be used incorrectly by mistake, the deliberate misuse of words to mislead and control the listener was popularized by George Orwell in his novel “1984”.  Newspeak (later called DoubleSpeak by others) is language used by government to falsify, garble, soften, or alter the meaning of words.  Newspeak by any name and in any format is a form of censorship designed to limit freedom of expression and establish control over people by enforcing conformity of behavior and belief. 

As part of the United Nations Agenda 21 (now Agenda 30), commonly used words that formerly described worthwhile objectives were co-opted in promotional literature.  Sustainable Development and Smart Growth sound like positive objectives, but they are just code words for a plan to steal our property and freedom in order to establish a worldwide socialist tyranny under the control of the UN. 

As part of our current national struggles, a simple word, awakened, in a novel grammatical form, is being used to promote hatred and division.  There are, of course, commonly accepted meanings for that word.  For instance, one can be awakened from sleep by the alarm or become aware of a problem or present danger.  Once again, however, our nation’s enemies have hijacked a perfectly normal word, changed its format for emphasis, and used the new word to identify both a concept and its adherents. That word is “Woke.” 

If you believe that America is an inherently evil nation that was founded by white supremacists who created a culture of racism and inequality that suppressed persons of color, you are considered “Woke”.

In many ways, “Woke-ism” behaves as if it were religion with its own dogma for behavior and a defined morality.  Like many religions in the world, believers accept their truth as an absolute that cannot be questioned.  The Church of “Woke-ism” has its zealots, like the Pharisees, that self-righteously condemn those that fall short of being Woke enough. Unlike every major religion in the world, however, “Woke-ism” has no pathway for forgiveness, redemption or second chances.  Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all provide this most important pathway for their adherents.

If you are not “woke”, you are labeled as ignorant and uninformed about the irredeemable sins, past and present, of America.

The purpose of the “Woke Movement” is obvious and clear.  “Woke-ism” is one of many tools created by the collectivist elite to divide our nation into antagonistic groups.  You either believe that climate change is man-made or you are a climate change denier.  You either believe that American society is institutionally racist or you yourself are a racist.  You either believe that ones sex is relative, a choice or you are transphobic. You either believe only Black Lives Matter or you are a white supremacist. You either believe in forced vaccination and vaccine passports or your are an “anti-vaxxer.” 

As defined, each of these conflicting group beliefs are diametrically opposed.  Moreover, the believers in “Woke-ism” consider non-belief akin to heresy which is punishable by excommunication and removal from society by cancellation.  Since there is absolutely no middle ground, there is no way to reach any kind of compromise or negotiated settlement.  This one truth is the unfortunate harbinger of the impending dissolution of our nation. 


True believers in the Church of Woke-ism are dedicated to the destruction of our nation.

As an alternative, if you were “woke” and have come to realize the error of your beliefs, are you not now truly “awakened”?

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!