I be Willoughby Wainwright,  just call me Will.

“NervyHitch”,  later replaced by “WeirdPlants”,  was the radio call sign of the Headquarters Company to which I was attached back in the day. Our Logo, is the patch of the ,"Dickey-Bird", our company insignia.

My intention here, for the most part, is to post lasting opinion both prophetic and historical - op-ed's, essays, and articles that will help us foresee our future. Only timely headline events will be posted if pertinent such as COVID, the Afghanistan withdraw & Mexican border fiasco's, Biden's ineptitude, and the socialist / communist in our government and CRT in our military.

We have no advertising, pop up or otherwise, so we are not a favorite in a Google search unless searched by our name.

New articles are added regularly.

This website will most likely be my last website of many, which is coded in simple html. Soon we plan to head out aboard our
Island Packet 380 and visit the home where the Hermit of Suwarrow, aka Tom Neale, once lived.


Born 19118 

Lived 11980 

Worked 11973

Live 81427


Food: Bouillabaisse, Osso Buco

Cities: Paris, Firenze, Funchal, Pape'ete, Reykjavík, Gustavia

Fun: H2O all sorts

Music: all sorts

Claim to fame: Been in Tahiti, and Iceland in the same week.

NervyHitch first posting - Saint Patricks Day 2019
Additional Updates - when something needs posting,

The doodads below, I used to play with back in the day as WB2FZS and W2EXS.
Be Sure to get a ham radio and learn to use it for when the internet is heavily
monitored or gone.  At least get a CB Radio.      INFO HERE 2022.

Tout à l'heure