Ammo Grrrll AKA Susan Vass

At the time of this writing, the Canadian Truckers have suspended for now their very effective action under threat of Trudeau’s draconian seizure of emergency powers. To justify their use, the ruling elites of both Canada and the U.S. will never suspend their scurrilous attacks on the Truckers. It was all so pathetic and so predictable, much worse than the running game of those old Vikings.

The people in charge of us all – the stupid, avaricious politicians, the craven media stars, the occasional has-been actress or Diversity Drone – all believe they have a sacred duty to run the lives of the “little people” who stock their grocery shelves, fix their hair, repair their high-end vehicles, grow their organic kale, and shlep it to market by truck, etc.

So if those snotty elites say that masks are for the servant class so as not to breathe their deplorable cooties upon the maskless diners at The French Laundry, or the fake Georgia governor, Anastaceyia Abrams (Stacey for short) at a classroom photo op, then, the Permanently Masked Ones better obey.

As a guest, Trudeau gets called out by Christine Anderson, a office holder
of the European Union at a meeting of Parlement in Brussels.
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But one day, of all groups of scuzzy people, the TRUCKERS in Canada said, “No.” And they didn’t even have to have weapons, or make grand speeches, or make a big video called “We Are The World.” All they had to do was put their big rigs in Park and get out. At first the playbook said just mock them and freeze them and take away their fuel and donations.

But when those things didn’t work, they decided to release the “Confederate Flag” slander! Now, what in the world the Confederate flag would mean in Canada, no one can say. But the muttonheads in the U.S. who are colluding with Justin “Blackface” Trudeau lest the idea of freedom spread to the U.S., think just SAYING the words “Confederate Flag” will cause people to grasp pearls and hate on the truckers.

But, see, there are cameras everywhere now – on every phone. So, when one Confederate flag appeared in the hand of a totally-covered and masked alleged “protester” the truckers chased him away. That’s how much they loved that Confederate flag as a symbol of their struggle. Confederacy not doin’ it for you, eh? Cue the Swastika!!

In at least 30 percent of the cases I have witnessed in a long life, the moron toting the Swastika has it drawn backwards. In the other 70 percent, the person is trying to say, however ineptly, that the GOVERNMENT or UNJUST INCIDENT that they are protesting AGAINST is fascist!

Canada lost 45,400 men and women in World War II. Nobody, and certainly not the children and grandchildren of the kind of people who fought World War II, is going to rally ’round the Swastika. It is a vicious slander, but it never gets old to the pathological liars who employ it. Hearing it out of the mouths of the news-reading grifters, perverts and sociopaths rankles.

I know from rally-organizing experience that it is almost impossible to monitor every single sign and banner that random idiots – or provocateurs – can bring to a legitimate peaceful assembly. So could there BE an individual with a “racist” sign? Theoretically. Especially since virtually everything is “racist,” including Math and Certainty. But, if I have to bet on the word of the truckers or the pathological professional prevaricators of CNN, there’s no contest whom I’m going to believe.

To debate the truckers, Poquito Fidel and his government would have to have an honest discussion about what masks, lockdowns, passports, and even the vaccinations themselves have or have not accomplished. And that is never going to happen. What a repulsive little despot is Trudeau! Don’t be fooled by his peevish little pout – he is dangerous.

So the truckers – of every race, creed, and nationality as near as I can see – must be slandered as racist, sexist, homophobic, racist, insurrectionist, anti-democratic, have we mentioned “racist”? Defamation is the go-to play in the playbook for everything the ruling class hates and “racist” is their favorite card in the stacked deck.

What a disgrace for anyone to be reduced to quivering in fear lest someone who is unmasked or worse, unvaxxed, expose them to a flu with a 99 percent chance of survival. Several Karens of all genders have suggested that the unvaxxed should be shot, yes shot! Or at minimum, denied any kind of medical care, not just for Wuhan Flu but for anything.

Okay. Fair enough. Then the morbidly obese should not be allowed access to insulin. It’s their damn fault. Anyone who has had unprotected sex and contracts an STD must be denied treatment. They were asking for it. Only fit people who can document their daily exercise and plant-based diets should get any kind of cardiovascular treatment. In fact, only the fit, the slim, the healthy, should be allowed anywhere NEAR a hospital!

Ah, but you say, it’s not the same, Ammo Grrrll. A left-wing fattie does not endanger ME. Okay, first of all, if Stacey Abrams or Whoopi or Ana Navarro should fall over on you, they could kill you. But, more importantly, the terrified must demonstrate why, if their vaccines work, anyone should worry because someone ELSE is not vaxxed. I have never once in my life worried about the Smallpox vax status of a fellow shopper. Have you? Why not? Because I HAVE a Smallpox vax and it has kept me from smallpox for 75 years so far.

Oh. My. God. Ammo Grrrll is an anti-vaxxer! Wrong-o. Ammo Grrrll was practically first in line to get two Moderna shots. I titled my most recent book Ammo Grrrll Gets (A) Shot! I’m not anti-vax. I am anti-lying. I support the Truckers. They were the modern equivalent of the Boston Tea Party without even having to dump any tea. They just had to fail to deliver it. God bless them all. And I am one hundred times more afraid of a dictatorial Emergency Act that can freeze or TAKE my bank account if I send ten bucks to the Canadian Truckers, or just throw me in jail, than I am of getting a flu my 95-year-old father survived before there was a vaccine.

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