Economic Chaos

We can see Economic Chaos on the horizon. Our countries indebtedness, plus Russia’s and China's agression, are but two reasons. Money will eventually dominate our world, and the means to control who gets it and how much is frightening. Soon Canada will authorize just such a system. It's here. Such will be a cashless society with the help of microchipping technology and crypto currency. Economics will continue to play a roll in future events. Only it will be in no way recognizable to today. And all of the aforementioned has all been spelled out in the bible.

Speaking on the national level, Dr. David Jeremiah has put together a series of sermons on todays social and technical issues that have been prophesied in the Bible. This is his second to find it’s way to The first being on Socialism.

Again what surprised me is, Jeremiah is allowed on YouTube. Should his videos be removed, we have our usual backup on our server. That being needed it will surely be the end of our way of life or the beginning of the end times as the video will explain.

- Will Wainwright