Americans, our way of life and our culture are in deep trouble. Under dire circumstances
we cant depend on our Elected Big Three. And beyond them, our MILITARY which has gone WOKE.
Our FBI's command is corrupt and even our police are deserting their of for lack of support
from the big city Democrats. We could be transitioning to an Orwellian future right before our eyes.
Listen to these nitwits, read the article below and

World leaders see the brainless idiocy of these videos, plus the many others like them. One could think of a half dozen leaders and a fellow named Soros would love to take advantage of our country's weakened state. How many Americans are taking this seriously? And what's worse, where we once we could count on our MILITARY, not so much any more. Maybe you should read the article below.
    Vice President

Speaker of the House
The Rise of Wokeness in the Military
by Thomas Spoehr
Director, Center for National Defense at the Heritage Foundation

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How Obama and Biden Destroyed the Greatest Military the World Has Ever Seen
by David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield