If you leave the gate open, the cow will wander off. So if you intentionally leave the gate open, you want the cow to wander off. You can't blame stupidity or laziness. It was intentional.


If you cut police budgets, you will get more crime on the streets. So if you intentionally cut police budgets, you wanted more crime on the streets.


If you cut back the supply of oil, gas prices will go up. So if you intentionally cut back the supply of oil, you wanted gas prices to go up.


If you print trillions of dollars without increasing the supply of goods, inflation will hit hard. So if you intentionally print trillions of dollars without more goods you wanted inflation to hit hard.


If you leave the southern border wide open, you get more drug trafficking and human trafficking.  So if you intentionally leave the border wide open, you wanted more drug trafficking and human trafficking.


If you shut down 40% of the supply of baby formula in February, you'll get a huge shortage. When you KNOW a huge baby formula shortage is coming because of the FDA's actions, and you purposefully do nothing to prevent it, month after month, until the crisis finally hits hard, you INTENDED this crisis.


It is time to recognize the evil people behind that old man. They want crisis. They want chaos. They want riots. They want conflicts in your town. Their stated purpose years ago with Obama was to "take the US down a few notches on the world stage." You can feel the quality of your life going down with the country. These are not foolish or misguided people. They are headed somewhere you don't want to go...

Note: As of 2023 Both Ron Klain and Susan Rice have formally retired from the White House staff.
And of course Obama never was formally part of his inner circle.