Secular Progressive Jews
   For them, Antisemitism can be Appropriate.

The Conservative Jewish Radio & TV hosts we know and love, are beginning to bring up the problem of the "Secular Jew" and their unofficial organizations. These personalities are the only ones who can expose them without being labeled antisemitic.

Remember Jews are only a small percentage of our population (< 4%) and the secular progressive maybe half that, but they dwell in high places. They Saturate the SPLC, ADL and the once respected ACLU.

The recent protests against Israel has stirred up Antisemitism in general. I for one always have had a distaste for the progressive Jew for their leftist leanings which is not the case for Israel nor the Israelis, nor their orthodoxy. Why? because at less than 3% they are everywhere in positions of influence, out of proportion to their numbers.   - W. W.

Below is a recent broadcast by Dennis Prager (an Orthodox Jew) displaying his Disgust against the
Draconian Jewish Left.

<------ If George Soros wasn't a Jew, he'd be called antisemitic.

Below are a Few Influential, Secular and Progressive Jews.
We're sure you know them all.

Jews Made a Fatal Error - Prager

American Jews Are Politically Homeless Again - WSJ

The Jews who Dreamed of (a Communist) Utopia - NYT