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Messing with the Military

The Limbaugh Letter, May 2021

Maternity uniforms for pregnant soldiers. Free addadictomies and chopadickoffamies. Wokeness studies at military service academies to push a radical racial agenda while stamping out conservatism. After ruining academia, science, sports, entertainment, and corporate America, the left is turning its weapons of mass cultural destruction on the military. And as we well know, everything the left touches turns to excrement.

Rioting, covid, and Biden’s border crisis have obscured what may well in fact be the most dangerous aspect of Joe’s reign of horror — the tarnishing of the crown jewel of our national security, the U.S. military:

The left’s desire to weaken the U.S. military is not new. For decades, the Democrat Party has been directly opposed to its strength, its culture and traditions, and its core mission to protect the nation. Leftists do not consider the United States military as a force for good; they believe it is the focus of eeevil in the world. These are people who believe America, from its Founding, has been immoral and unjust, a slave state — to this day — that has committed military atrocities around the globe. Through our armed forces, the left contends, we have “imposed freedom” on people who don’t want it.

Bottom line, liberals hate American might; they always have. So whenever the left has gotten hold of the levers of power, they’ve worked to take America down a peg, particularly by damaging our military supremacy. Here’s just a tiny sampling of past leftist contempt:

Because they do not love and respect it, leftists have for decades used the military as a social experimentation laboratory. They’ve attempted to undermine the armed forces with counterproductive social concerns such as lowering physical standards in order to enlist more women. You no doubt recall Bill Clinton’s pledge in 1992 to end the Pentagon ban on gay service members, but with the Biden Administration, leftist military dabbling has ratcheted up to include accepting transgenders and stamping out traditional military culture. Their ultimate aim: to transform all military branches and service academies into leftist indoctrination camps.

The most dangerous aspect of Biden’s reign of horror: tarnishing the crown jewel of our national security.


Former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams got hold of the shocking new Pentagon training materials targeting conservative views in the military. According to his report at PJ Media, all military personnel are currently required to watch a PowerPoint presentation on the subject of “Extremism in the Ranks,” which employs far-leftist ideology and misstatements about the Constitution. Here are a few excerpts from the Navy version of the instructor materials:

“If we don’t eliminate extremist behaviors from our Navy, then racism, injustice, indignity, and disrespect will grow and keep us from reaching our potential.”

“Anti-government extremists” are the focus, as proven by “recent events.” In other words, Trump supporters. Political foes of the [Biden] Administration. Service members have a “duty to reject” these [conservative] ideas. And if you don’t, “the full range of administrative and disciplinary actions await,” including being discharged… Naturally, all the villains in the hypotheticals in the materials are neo-Nazis, right-wing extremists, or domestic terrorists. No mention is made of the hyper-funded effort by the Chinese communists to infiltrate and turn service members. Nor is one single mention of antifa activities to be found…

Why is this nonsense being taught in the first place? One instructor involved in the training explained, “The military is one of the last institutions left that hasn’t been radicalized by the progressives. That’s why it is being targeted now.”

In National Review, Sen. Tom Cotton (D, AR) criticized the Navy’s new reading list purportedly designed to facilitate the “growth and development of sailors,” including a book on Critical Race Theory titled How to Be an Antiracist, by Ibram X. Kendi. Similarly, a new book club created for sailors features White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, a book that claims “white people are inherently racist, whether consciously or subconsciously, and that race is the insidious subtext for virtually all human interactions.” Cotton has advanced a bill to prevent the military service academies from using crt because by doing so, “the military is peddling ideological poison that will degrade the cohesion and combat effectiveness of its troops.” Unfortunately, that appears to be the whole point.


All this hooey is no doubt a reason for the steadily declining trust in the military. As reported by Breaking Defense, the Ronald Reagan Institute’s 2021 National Defense Survey shows a 14 percent plunge since 2018 in the number of Americans who say they have a “great deal of confidence in the military.” For Republicans, the rate dropped 17 percent, signaling that the politicization of the military is likely a factor.

Make no mistake: the left’s obsession with “fairness” and equality of results — instead of focusing on the armed forces’ main mission, lethality in defense of America — is eroding the strength of our military. For the left, crt and wokeness studies are just more useful tools to sow division, demoralize the troops, and damage readiness. Social justice warriors are not warriors.

There isn’t a single battle in the world that has been won with Critical Race Theory, transgender surgeries, or lowering physical standards to achieve “diversity.” In all of history, it’s never happened. Victors are always determined by which military is best able to kill people and break things.

The transformation of military culture is also occurring because there are several kinds of generals in the Pentagon. You’ve got the politically correct generals who advanced under eight years of Obama who were promoted by following the commands of leftist ideologues intent on weakening the country. You’ve got those who know how destructive this ideology is and will resign rather than go along with it. Let’s pray there are also enough left who will stand and fight.

On the other Hand

A Space Force Commander is Fired After Comments Made on a Conservative Podcast

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier joined The Steve Gruber show to discuss his new book, "Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military," which alleges that Marxist ideologies are becoming widespread within the armed forces. He expounded on those concerns in the podcast.

The story broke May 15 on Military.com.