The Left is a Shark: It Must Keep Moving

By M.B. Mathews

What differentiates the radical left from conservatives is that leftists will die if they stop trying to change things.  They, like sharks, cannot survive if they stop moving ahead.  They call it “progressivism,” but it is studied destruction.  It’s what physicists call “entropy” or disorder.  Leftists must change things for the sheer thrill of exerting destructive and revisionist power over others.  It’s a recessive entropy gene.

Entropy is disorder, chaos, the breaking down of things.  In politics and culture, it is the deliberate collapsing of structures or systems that have worked well.  The left cannot win by building, creating, or leaving good things alone.  Like the biblical Athenians in St. Paul’s day who spent all their time talking about or listening to “new things,” the left, in their misplaced ardor for new things, must destroy what has worked well and kept the peace in the past.

So far, the left is destroying merit through DIE and CRT.  Leftists are destroying history by tearing down statues and renaming (or closing down) colleges and theaters and streets.  They are changing the military into a climate-conscious wimp fest.  They have blurred sexual lines into pathologically freakish insanity.  They move relentlessly forward toward changing things; they are sharks, destroying everything in their path.  The benevolent state of order, balance, and harmony is like an electric shock to the left — jarring and intolerable.

Fundamentally, leftists think differently, and that is what causes them to be leftists.  I do not for a moment believe that they cannot see that what they are doing is wrong.  Everyone has a moral compass.  Call it general revelation — a God thing.  But leftists ignore their compasses in favor of gaining personal power or attention.  This is evil.  They feel good, validated, when they change something that people have enjoyed for eons.  Where leftists can influence others, they will, and they live for those moments, because to them, nothing else arouses more than transformative, deconstructive power over others.

Being part of a group of like-minded thinkers gives leftists what they lack: purpose and meaning.  They are not content to be a solitary influence for the good for other people or endeavors.  They cannot function alone on merit.  They must be part of a flashy, recognizable group such as BLM or the latest Jew-hating cabal of antisemites on college campuses.  If what they do isn’t loud and public, noticed and is not enough.  They must disrupt and cause something beneficial that exists to cease to exist.  They must never allow others to be happy, or they have failed.  They are the collective Borg, the hive mind, the carpenter ants burrowing into strong cultural structures in order to collapse them from within.

You cannot yell “shut up!” to a leftist and think he will actually shut up.  Stopping is not an option.  Disorder, entropy, is the leftist’s life’s blood.  And so they must be stopped by others.

Why do leftists need to destroy? It’s a narcissistic personality disorder.  The intellectually idle, discontent with their own circumstances and with leaving good things alone, is so palpable that they cannot allow peace in the land.  They must tear apart what offends them, which is everything that has worked in the past, probably because it had nothing to do with them.

The havoc wrought by the left, especially since COVID and the theft of the 2020 election, has been devastating to America.  It must be gotten rid of, or it will crush the thriving traditional substrate that underpins the American heritage.  It is well on its way to doing that right now.  If the 2024 election allows another Democrat to be elected to the presidency, we can kiss our country goodbye.  Further entropy will kill us.  It has already eaten away much of the wealth of everyday Americans, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Understanding the mindset of the entropy-loving leftist is essential to stopping it.  Just imagine everything that works well.  Then imagine a school of sharks sucking it down their gullets in perpetuity.  They will never stop.  If we don’t get that, we’re shark food.

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Sharks are fish, and have been around, rather similar to how they are now, for 200 million years. Obviously to have stayed largely unchanged in all that time, they are highly successful at how and what they do. They are not very intelligent in the animal world, but they know what they need to know very well indeed. However, they are not very adaptable as they cannot rationalize new situations.

Dolphins, on the other hand, are air-breathing mammals descended from land creatures that returned to the sea. Dolphins go well beyond being social, forming cooperative groups that work together to hunt or protect each other.

Dolphins are highly intelligent, having one of the largest brains to body mass ratios in the living world. They can recognize themselves in a mirror, showing awareness of self, they can work out complex puzzles, and learn some symbols to enable communication with humans. They have even been known to approach human divers for help when tangled with other fishing line.