I have always admired Dennis Prager whom I have met on a couple occasions over a cigar at one of his lectures. --- I first discovered him years ago on one of his nationally syndicated
400 station talk shows. which is also video streamed. I fell in love with hisartful persuasion and logical delivery of his chosen topic. Later I happened upon one of his 5 minute videos
and was sold. More often than not they are spoken buy a guest celebrity speaker but in Dennis’s soft yet most persuasive style. I then picked up on his fireside chat streamed every Fri.
In addition Dennis is an author whom has published many books, and he wites a weekly column that is found on DennisPrager.com and many other news sources such as Town Hall and National Review to name a couple.

I love this man and call him my favorite Jew. He is so much
in contrast with the many secular Jews in politics today,
which he often speaks about.                     -Will Wainwright.