Emergency Preparedness 

aka Prepping

by W.W.

You may remember the first wave of ‘prepping’ that began around the time of Obama’s election. There was even a TV series of the same name. Well, prepping hasn’t faded away. It’s now treated more as the hobby of conservatives,  and more practically as Emergency Preparedness.

With todays sociopolitical unrest, cyber security threats, especially to power companies, super bugs, weather and global tensions, Emergency Preparedness seems more practical than ever. To better paint a picture of what you’d need to know and preparer we have included the video below. Its intended as an introduction to the subject of prepping so you know what you’d be dealing with when the SHTF.*

Ask yourself, can I purify water if you loose your primary source? Can you start a fire without matches. How long will the food in your pantry last if that’s all you had to rely on and do I need to cook it. And what about your electric needs - lighting, stoves, heat & A/C, sewer pumps and lift stations and lastly TV, radio, internet and cell phones - all gone after backup batteries go dead.

In my opinion  the number one threat comes from loss of power that can happen for numerous reasons all written about at my article on the subject, see "Black Sky Event". Oh, dont let the guns in the video below scare you. Their choice of opening image is a bit over done.

The video above is Just one of many on the subject of prepping on YouTube. Many are graded to “Bugging Out” - running away from the event and or large populations. Many are in our northern states & Canada and lastly there are  many on Hunkering down and staying home.. Be sure to modify your “prepping” Search with the terms that best describe your situation.

** The common vernacular used by all preppers SHTF (shit hits the fan) by what ever the cause.

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