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"Prisencolinensinainciusol" (pronounced prizeŋkɔliˌnɛnsinainˈtʃuːzol])  is a song composed by Italian singer Adriano Celentano, and performed by Celentano and his wife, singer/actress-turned-record producer Claudia Mori. It was released as a single in 1972, and a popular performance of the song was broadcast on RADIOTELEVISIONE ITALIANA (RAI). It has been reproduced ever since.

The song is intended to sound to its Italian audience as if it is sung in English spoken with an American accent, vaguely reminiscent of Bob Dylan, but the lyrics are DELIBERATELY UNINTELLIGIBLE GIBBERISH with the exception of the words "ALL RIGHT". Celentano's intention with the song was not to create a humorous novelty song but to explore communications barriers. "Ever since I started singing, I was very influenced by American music and everything Americans did. So at a certain point, because I like American slang—which, for a singer, is much easier to sing than Italian—I thought that I would write a song which would only have as its theme the inability to communicate. And to do this, I had to write a song where the lyrics didn't mean anything."

In this case, Glossolalia exemplifies the linguistic concept of GLOSSOLALIA. This is the phenomenon where someone uses a foreign language which they normally cannot speak. He uses sounds borrowed from American English, which form no words at all, and therefore have no discernible meaning.


In de col men seivuan

Prisencolinensinainciusol all right

Uis de seim cius men

Op de seim ol uat men

In de colobos dai


Ciak is e maind beghin de col

Bebi stei ye push yo oh

Uis de seim cius men

In de colobos dai

Not is de seim laikiu

De promisdin iu nau

In trabol lovgiai ciu gen

In do camo not cius no bai

For lov so op op giast

Cam lau ue cam lov ai

Oping tu stei laik cius

Go mo men

Iu bicos tue men cold

Dobrei gorls

Oh sandei

Ai ai smai sesler

Eni els so co uil piso ai

In de col men seivuan

Prisencolinensinainciusol all right

Uis de seim cius men

Uei ai sint no ai

Giv de sint laik de cius

Nobodi oh gud taim lev feis go

Uis de seim et seim cius

Go no ben let de cius

End kai for not de gai giast stei

Ai ai…


A Rush Limbaugh favorite bumper