Most of us know Socialism is the forerunner of Communism. It not only never works, it stifles mankind initiatives. It satisfies the power hungry for which the bible has something to say. I’ve strongly suggested that Ministers, Priests and Rabbis bring into account todays evils referencing the Bible in their sermon. Our minister is now doing such almost weekly.

On the national level,Dr. David Jeremiah who has put together a series of sermons on todays social and technical issues that conflict with biblical teachings, which has in my case, only strengthened my resolve. For others it will be their first realization of our God’s revelation in these matters. What surprised me, Jeremiah is on YouTube. Should his videos be removed, we will have our usual backup on our server but it will surely be the end of our way of life, if YouTube goes after Biblical teaching like they did against Trump.

We've posted a second video by Dr. Jeremiah on how much of what is happening in todays world, namely a cashless society, microchipping technology and crypto currency is referenced in the bible. It is here

- Will Wainwright