As everybody knows, Fox News Parted Ways with prime-time host Tucker Carlson in a surprising move. That was back in April 2023.
It came after he made disparaging remarks as a result of Fox's settlement of $800 Million
in a legal battle with Dominion Voting Systems.

Mr. Carlson's departure puts an end to a decade-plus tenure at the conservative news network during which he rose to become the highest-rated host in prime-time cable news.

"It's Tucker", on a Fox Post, he says. "We will be joining Twitter" in early June. And when ever he posts a new video they will be linked on Twitter aka

Then, Low and behold Tucker announced December 10th, that he would be starting his own streaming service - Tucker Carlson Network (TCN).

Web EST. Dec 10, 2023


Tucker Carlson Network is the new streaming platform that is home to exclusive all-new content from Tucker Carlson. We will regularly be releasing new video content that tells the stories that matter and helps you make sense of the world around you.

Why we founded TCN

News coverage in the West has become a tool of repression and control. Reporters no longer reveal essential information to the public; they work to hide it. Journalists act as censors on behalf of entrenched power. They have contempt for the public. They hate the truth.

Democracy can't function in a society like this. Voters can't know what they're voting for. People do understand they're being manipulated, and they resent it. The population becomes angry and paranoid. Things fall apart.

There's only one solution to a propaganda spiral like the one we're living through, and it's telling the truth about the things that matter - clearly and without fear. That's our job. We plan to do it every day, no matter what. JOIN THE MOVEMENT We are the sworn enemies of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. We believe the corporate media is broken beyond repair, and the only way forward is to build something better. This sounds like you too, or you wouldn't be at So why not join us today and unlock access to endless hours of exclusive members-only content from Tucker. JOIN HERE

Reverse Chronological Index of Tuckers Postings of Significance

Tucker's 2024 TCN releases passed on to Twitters Platform X    (Those of significance)

Fani, Letitia and the Never-Ending Legal Assault on Trump  with former Trump adviser Stephen Miller and Trucker for Trump Jake Logan.

The National Security State & the Inversion of Democracy   "What I'm describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."

Bret Weinstein at the Darien Gap  understand who's behind the invasion of our country. His conclusion: "it's not a friendly migration."

X formally known as Twitter

Tucker Chats  with Alex Jones.
  12/7 - 91 min; (time line included)
Tucker Chats   with Majorie Taylor Greene.
  11/30 - 38 Min.
Congressman Tim Burchett   On the continuing saga of UFO's

  11/28 - 19 Min.  
Dublin in flames  with Steve Bannon.
  11/27 - 24 Min.  11/15 - 40 Min.
Tucker Talk  If you feel like they're lying to you, they are.
  11/21 - 32 Min.

Candace Owens
  11/15 - 40 Min.
Doug Mackey (Fellon)
  11/09 - 27 Min.
Col. Douglas Macgrego On Hamas/Israel
  10/23 - 29 Min.
Update on George Floyd, The Story was a lie.
  10/20 - 13 min.
Tucker w/Vivek Ramaswamy on Israel / Hamas /US
  10/18 - 22 min.
Tucker X2, Todd Bensman at the Mex Border. Then
  Poland's Pres Dominik Tarczynski

  10/12 - 22 min.
After the Hamas attacks, what's the wise path

  10/7 - 25 min.
Victor David Hansen from now till the election.
  10/2 - 33 min.
The Bill O'Reilly Interview
  9/27 - 47 min.
Hyperinflation and reckless monetary policy.
  9/13 - 10 min.
Dave Portnoy founder of Barstool Sports
  9/1 - 50 min.
Adam Corolla interviews Tucker
  8/30 - 66 min. (heats up at 26 min)
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
  8/29 - 30 Min..
Hungarian leader Balázs Orban (Outdoors)
  8/28 - 20 Min.
Donald Trump
  8/23 - 46 Min.
Colonel Douglas Macgregor Ukraine war must end now.
  8/21 - 52 Min.
Vivek Ramaswamy covers it all.
  8/17 - 45 Min.
RFK Jr. explains Ukraine, bio-labs, who killed JFK
  8/14 - 80 Min.

Tucker's Last Months on FOX

'JANUARY 6th' Video 1st Viewing   1/6 - 34 min
Big Pharma Corruption 2 videos   50 min ea.
Elon Musk, (From our server)   4/17 - 1 hr. 23 min.