Bye Bye American Pie

The American Dream of a morally simpler past, has begun to self destruct. The draft is gone, as is the beginning of the eradication of the legacy of the predominately “Now Privileged” white Christian male who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled and developed the greatest republic in the history of mankind.  

It all started slowly at first with two Supreme court decisions back in the sixties. Both were with the aid of the mostly Communist and progressively Jewish, ACLU.

1. The Miranda decision: That watershed event took place when Ernesto Miranda was arrested and charged with rape and kidnapping. He confessed was tried, convicted and sentenced within three months, still with hardly any notice outside of Arizona. His appeal was picked up by the ACLU and brought before Earl Warren’s Supreme Court. It was reversed. You guessed it, "he wasn't read his rights". Many others followed for violation of their "Miranda Rights" or not being "Mirandized".

2. Steven I. Engel, a founding member of the ACLU and liberal / secular Jew, was upset to see his son’s head bent in prayer in his Long Island classroom. Engel, brought action arguing that it constituted the state-sponsored establishment of religion in violation of a citizens’ First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The non secular Prayer he complained about went like this:

"Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence

on Thee, and we beg Thy blessings upon us,

our parents, our teachers, and our Country."

The next nail in the coffin came during the term(s) of Barack Obama who promised to, "fundamentally transform the United States of America”.  America’s achievements are now being used against us by elite  industry leaders and feckless politicians, bureaucrats and media. They’ve created division amongst the races - first the Black then more recently Asian. All of which has caused the splintering of our traditions, ideals and cohesion under the name of diversity or Critical Race Theory. 

Norman Rockwell’s America is long gone

Our History is being removed from the books. Statues of our civil war heroes of both sides are now offensive and are being violently torn down or being removed by Democrat administrators. The names of our schools, sport teams and military bases being changed for fear of offending. This is political correctness run amuck. And we, and our government representatives shouldn't tolerate it for a minute.

Add to them, the dissident, often deviant, coalition of radical blacks, feminists, LBGTransQueers, social media and Hollywood and their followers, the mostly uninformed young people, AKA the WOKE snowflakes, wacko environmentalists, the forever needy and offended, and the chronically unemployed. You can also add, illegal aliens, early released felons and the "Never let a COVID crisis go to waste" dissidents of the deep state. Most recently teachers unions and school boards have insisted on teaching our early schoolers “all about sex” even teaching sexual disfunction and deviancy. And lastly but most important, a fraudulently elected and mentally disabled President who surrounds himself by members of all the aforementioned groups, as his staff of puppeteers.

And where do all those aforementioned find their home? In the Democrat Party. Unfortunately what passes for Republican leadership in Congress these days is timid, incompetent, and badly organized. Many are "RHINOS". While they can and should be constantly pressured to take action, and to at least institute a coordinated and consistent media campaign, they cannot be relied upon to reverse the Democrats’ push toward full-fledged socialism and Communism. Even our MILITARY lacks the fortitude to rescue the American peoples from the cancer within. In fact they contribute to it. While at the same time our military industrial complex and their lobbyists stir the pot for war with Russia. It will soon be long past time for folks who wish to preserve our Republic to take concrete actions, and that means doing so at the local level, even school boards. Are you prepared for somme serious upheaval? Want to contribute to the cause?  Here are some pointers by Dan Schultz that will help you get started.