The Woke Liberals Can’t Be This Stupid, 

Can They?

by  Derek Hunter 

Every week we’re greeted by something so stupid, something so unbelievably dumb done proudly by some Democrat that you can’t help but wonder if they’ve reached their collective bottom. It’s an amazing skill, if you think about it – even the most steroided-up homerun hitter has off weeks, but Democrats find new and creative ways to up their game almost every single day. The question is: are they pretending, or are they really this stupid?

Where to begin…

The Washington Post tried to kill the “LibsOfTikTok” Twitter account by having their mindless drone army threaten to kill its operator. It almost worked before, remember James Hodgkinson and the lie the media was pushing about how a GOP health care bill would cause 10,000 deaths per year? Hodgkinson, a committed progressive and devoted fan of MSNBC, believed that and convinced himself he had a moral case for acting. They’d hoped for the same with LibsOfTikTok.

Chubby-cheeked Taylor Lorenz, the chunky “reporter” who linked to the real estate license with everything needed to track down the Twitter user, knew what she was doing. Her editors at the Post approved the link (nothing gets published without several editors combing through it first, checking facts and links). The tubby scribe had successfully spun left-wing teachers talking about how they proudly aspire to groom children or thwart the express wishes of parents and the law into an innocuous attempt to help children. These are sick people.

Could These Dismal Deviants be Your Kids or Grand Kids School Teachers?

But the story led to more curiosity than anything else. Readers wanted to see for themselves these sweet, innocent teachers being victimized by the mean account, so the searched for it. Then they saw the actual videos – mentally deficient creatures desperately seeking validation of their pathetic lives through making children approve of them. With more piercings and tattoos on their faces than brain cells behind their vacant eyes, even Democrat-voting Post readers were horrified by what they heard and saw. The LibsOfTikTok account doubled in size by the end of the week. Oops. 

The teachers in those videos, curiously, all talk about “my kids” when talking about children who are decidedly not theirs. Honestly, aside from their name and what grade they taught, do you remember anything about your elementary school teachers? They are destined to be forgotten, and that’s what terrifies them. They aren’t your kids, they’re your students. If you don’t understand the difference in what those relationships should be, quit or you should be fired. Otherwise, start paying some child support, losers.

Then comes Florida. I’ve never seen a state so hated for simply doing well. Governor Ron DeSantis refused to shut down the state, refused to force people to wear face diapers, refused to require people to get injections – in other words, he trusted the people to know what is best for themselves. This is the antithesis of progressive government, where some bloated politician with an inflated sense of self-worth insists they know what is best for everyone else, seizes the power to impose it, then doesn’t follow those rules themselves (think California and New York).

When DeSantis and Republicans in the state moved to protect children from needy teachers instructing impressionable students on their personal beliefs on gender, all of which just so happen to conform with their personal need for acceptance and classical gender dysphoria, the feces hit the fan. “DON’T SAY GAY” they shrieked. 

This piqued the interest of parents, wondering why one state would target gay people in such a mean way. Since the bill was only a couple of pages long, they read it. Not seeing the word “gay” anywhere in it, it dawned on them that they’d been lied to. The law is wildly popular, even among non-media Democrats. 

But not among Disney employees or, I should say, Disney management. The left monopolizes all avenues of getting to your kids, which is kind of creepy. If it’s entertainment for kids, it’s likely done by someone whose parents either didn’t love them enough or loved them too much. Same goes for education. They’re all usually childless themselves, because who would sleep with these weirdos?


They proudly declare their allegiance to their genitals and what they wish they were, pledging to further indoctrinate little kids through shoehorning in gender-bending characters and messages into children’s programming while opposing a law on the grounds that teachers are not doing what they’re professionally proud of. All this despite the fact that there are countless videos of teachers gleefully filming themselves declaring that they are, like Disney, doing just that.

Disney stock has crashed, Florida decided to take the rhetoric of Democrats at face value and treat them to the end of their special tax exempt status in the state – making them “pay their fair share” – and now the left is whining that a company several hundred billion dollars is going to have to pay taxes. You couldn’t force Democrats to act more hypocritically at gunpoint. 

My favorite part was all these “progressive intellectuals” (self-declared) and media types publicly hoping Disney would move out of Florida. Just because Epcot looks like a golf ball doesn’t mean you can just drive it to another state. Good luck packing up Space Mountain, morons.

None of this is to mention that a lot of highly paid “professionals” honestly believed people would pay to watch CNN+. No one wants it for free, setting $300 million on fire to build and promote it wasn’t going to make a difference. There isn’t a single human being who thinks to themselves, “My life could use more Brian Stelter,” at least not outside of a sanitarium. The best part of Chris Wallace falling on his face is now we know just how long someone can dine out on their father’s name and accomplishments, meaning Bill Kristol only has a few years left.

I’m as cynical as the next person, probably moreso, but even I didn’t think it would soil the sheets after only 4 weeks. I don’t think anyone could intentionally suck so hard as to ruin an entity the parent company was prepared to spend a billion dollars on inside of a year, let alone a month. That’s an accomplishment, I guess.

These are just a few of the ways in which Democrats exposed themselves as epically stupid, to the point of parody. Actually, beyond parody. Were it not run by a bunch of unfunny leftists, this would lead my list of reasons to suspect why Saturday Night Live doesn’t mock Democrats – because you can’t mock a parody. 

Still, the question remains: Can Democrats really be this stupid? The answer is yes, they can. At least until next week when they’ll do something even dumber.