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Dennis Prager
Communism is coming
to America

Tuckers Stop After Moscow - Dubai (Interview by Emad Adeeb)

The Motu Iti
the Ultimate
Tropical Martini


Intolerable behaviors must be identified and rejected outright.

AI requires giant servers and data centers - cant we just unplug them?

Our Corrupt, Big Business, Radical Universities Feed Our Every Scourge

Can AntiSemitism be Appropriate for Secular Progressive Jews?


Most likely 'It Will hit the fan' before 2024 Election Day

Is Anything Still True? No One Knows Anymore.

Disney's Song of the South 1946 removed from circulation 1986. Available here.

The Mini-14 has been the choise of Will Wainwright for years.

In California violent crime is still up 13% since 2019. In Florida it’s down 31.5%.

Israel attacked by Hamas supported by Iran with indifference by the U.S.

What is the difference between a progressive and a secular Jews?

Step 1. Slash Cabinet, White House & Congressional Staffs.

Two Decades & Five Trillion Dollars and It's just Not Going to Happen.

IT'S  TIME  TO  PLAN  HEAD  !   ★★★★

Medved & Metaxas discuss God's hand on America coming to an end.

Nanotechnology is revolutionizing medicine and pushing human boundaries.

The Elected & Unelected collude to protect & serve vested interests.


Moms  for  Liberty: "We  Do  Not  Co- Parent  With  the  Government"


An accelerated ban on diesel fleets will wreak havoc on the industry.

Have you thought about that, and what you might do anout it?

Sobering Unanswered Questions About Battery Powered Cars

Every aspect of American life and culture is under assault. -V.D.H.

Blacks commit more than 50% of the violent crime yet 13% of population

DNA, Cosmology & Quantum Physics all point to God's existence.

New York City came back in the ’90s—Then it Fell Again.

An example of the Dystopian, Dems. ruination of a once Great City

The Age of American Naval Dominance Is Over. We've ceded the oceans to China.


Govt's Climate Change Hoax Replaces Covid to Control the Masses.

In the Beginning, God Created bits of the universe we dont yet understand

TRUTH IS A RIGHT WING CONCEPT - True for me but not for you.

Reality Colapse | Fake Everything | Exponential Scams | Fake Religion


A I  is the Technocratic Elite’s New Power Grab  +  60 Minutes video on  A I

One more sign of decline is the weaponization and politicization of institutions.

Belmont Hill's 1975 football roster contains two transitioned folks you know well,
Admiral Richard Levine and General Mark Milley

WSJ's  Documentary on the evil doings of Yevgeny Prigozhin's Wagner Group

A lengthy essay by A.G. Sulzberger, chairman of The NYT on “objectivity” ??


"The NYT is so dead and gone. People have to understand that"

This Time The Desperate Dems Roll Out Two 155mm Howitzers against Trump?

BLOCKBUSTER NEWS of Alien Visitors, with no media followup. Why?

A Major Player in the Fraud of the 2020 Election was Predicted Earlier

Twelve Challenges for a Purposefully Shattered World

Aired in 2 parts April 17 & 18 After Musk's dire warning on A/I.

Traditional Values of Patriotism, Faith in God, Having Children on the Decline.

Julie Hartman, Harvard '22, has little nice to say about her almer mater.

'Plan B' for world government (WEC) to instill fear and control over the masses

The US is Loosing in The Cold War Climate of China's Chip Production.

Definately the WEF - obvious too many. An updated video spring 2023.


Conclusions of Twitter File Dump - Congressional Hearing

Highlights from President Trump’s 2023 CPAC Speech

Vulnerable power substations, cyber hacking, CME, political unrest

Govt, Pharma and Ins companies, plan to take all power from Doctorss & Patients

"America is the final line of defense in the wall defending humanity —
a wall that is intentionally being destroyed".

Emission Cuts Will Fail to Stop Climate Change. What to Do Then?

Most of us know Socialism is the forerunner of Communism

USA Today (Gannett) is torched for promoting 'complicated' study of pedophilia

Even Cecil B. DeMille has been subject to Hollywood/Media cover up

Big Pharma Manipulates Medical Science and Corrupts Our Government

Biden Slipped One By Us      and Brings Back Obama & Rice !

Escape with Matt and Amy on their Circumnavigation Sailing Adventure.

Divisive Disney- Deviant, Demonic, Draconian, Decadent Deranged & Depraved.

East West Championship player introduction

If the U.S. deep state is corrupt, Immagine the 3rd world nations of the U.N.

Biden boosted the mRNA tech at the expense of the far superior J&J shot.

Former Levi’s top exec reveals how woke mobs take over corporations.

Tucker Carlson on the Relentless Lies and Double Dealing of Jan 6th

Progressive Jew and Lesbian, Randi Weingarten is BOSS of AFT.   PragerU Video

Remembering the Transistor. Where there was one, there are now a billion!

Joe Rogan + PragerU  5 min. video

Jonathan Haidt on the ‘National Crisis’ of Gen Z + Video on 'Identatarianism'

By Victor Davis Hanson

Gasoline Made from Carbon Extracted From the Air

Today’s Democratic Party rejects the rule of law

For the first time a fusion reaction produced more energy than it took to ignite!

Brian Auten Hyped Trump-Russia collusion & discredited Hunter Biden lap top

The Regulatory Burreaucratic Agencies Purchase of Guns & Military Equipment

Not in out lifetime will anything be done about these Treasonous Bastards?

Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor at Univ. of Toronto

Sicut   /  sicut locutus est

From Migrant Busing to Climate Change, Fake Virtue Abounds

This Laundry List of FBI Corruption Should Make You stop and Think.

The Miracle Not-Heard Around The World: The Success of Uttar Pradesh

Resisting Beijing’s attempt of dominitation is the challenge of our generation.

Anti-Trump hysteria is in the final analysis not about Trump

by David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield

And Elections are not Enough to Fix Our Problems

Simply Put, Woke goes Coorporate

Repeat: Government School Systems are Beyond Failure, they're Irredeemable

We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-Left ideology

Hollywood's Culture of Gun Violence Exceeds Realiy - a Bill Maher video

John Fetterman needs not be respectable. Chuck Schumer agrees!

The American Dream of a morally simpler past, has begun to self destruct.

Prety much as it say in above two links

Deavious FBI, arrest Jeremy Brown for Refusing to Spy on the Oath Keepers

I Have a Plan to Destroy America

The evil people behind that old man. They want crisis. They want chaos.

The German Marxist Strategy called “The long march through the institutions"

Our Military Runs on Pride and Woke Leaders, a game we can’t afford to lose.

The New York Times Hates to Admit, The NY Post Told Us So

A Common Sence PragerU    5  Min. Video

Victor Davis Hanson Invides you to his lecture at Hillsdale College

America’s Power Grid Is Increasingly Unreliable

Two Articles on American Jewry

Econimic Chaos - A financial Prophecy by Dr. David Jeremiah

Tucker chats with Dr. John Abramson on Big Pharma's Corruption

Tucker chats with Radical Feminist Kara Dansky about Men in Womens sports

A Canadian School Teacher - Wish it were so.     by Dennis Prager.

AKA Prepping - a Video for all Ocassions of Unrest, Disorder and Chaos.

Amala Ekpunobi, Live Wire and Prager Force Member introduces PragerU

Left-Leaning Media Seek a Misinformation Monopoly

Still We are passing this along. By Glenn Greenwald

Just Sickening

The I.R.S. Takes up Arms - The question is why?

Even more with the Release of Twitter Colusion e-mail, between Govt. & Media

At a Crossroads | Jordan B. Peterson | 2022 Commencement Address

Hamstrung Police Officers Seek Early Retirement, As Cities Grapple with Crime

Palki Sharma Upadhyay takes you inside Putin's mind.

Election process fights have become a Darwinian "survival of the fittest."

The Woke Liberals Can’t Be This Stupid, Can They?

Conservative School Boards Blows the Lid off Left’s Monopoly on Education

The idea that America is a systemically racist country is Pure BS.

Wake up, America --- They're Trying to Destroy Us

librti Presents Matador film documentay

"Then one day, groups of scuzzy people, the Canadian TRUCKERS said, “No.”

By 2023, nobody has come close to replacing El Rushbo. We miss him.

Tuckers showing of Unseen Footage of January 6th Insurrection above
gets Jacob Chansley, Navy veteran & QAnon Shamn Releaced from Jail.


Where science arrives inescapably at Intelligent Design.

A Mind Buster

Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor.

NYPD Blue - Most Authentic - When Cops Were Cops, like Andy Sipowicz.

We all know Carl Sagan as an astronomer Do you know him as a Philosopher?

The core belief is self-determination, with limited government in your way

Kept on this page as reminder of what an evil politician is like.